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Domestic & Commercial heating specialists

Boiler installation fuelled by gas, oil or biomass (wood fuelled)

Full central heating systems fully installed

System upgrades to more efficient systems

Advise on best options for heating your home or workspace

Servicing and maintenance including landlord safety checks

Commercial biomass systems

All plumbing jobs eg. taps, ball valves, cylinders, sinks etc undertaken





Commercial biomass is a very lucrative scheme ,Making rhi payments for 20 years index linked so if you run a business that requires a lot of heat whatever the application then this is option of heating is well worth looking into. PUBS ,NURSING HOMES ,CHICKEN FARMS AND HOTELS to name a few initial cost is high but payback is normally achieved within 3 -5 years leaving 15 years of payments and free heating.

100% finance can be arranged with a very favourable interest rate ,which is tax deductable.


The process of installing biomass is fairly straight forward with minimal disruption to existing heat sources.

Biomass can be installed as a completely separate system to any existing heating.


Please click here to review/download a PDF of Commercial RHI Payments.

Tel: 01476-870778    Mob: 07767-615741     Email:

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